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The Master of European and International Law (LL.M) programme exposes students to European (Union) law, to comparative law and to international law and specifically also to the internationalization of the law and of legal practice. The programme brings together broad areas of the law, instead of concentrating on the laws of one specific nation. It explores trends of legal unification, internationalization, globalization and international legal practice and analyses the balance between existing legal traditions, whilst at the same time promoting deeper integration.

Students of the LL.M Programme of European and International Law are required to take four modules of compulsory courses and one elective module, each of which contains several interrelated courses. For 2013/2014, the compulsory modules concern the topic of Public International Law and Human Rights, European Union Law, European Business Law and International Business Law, covering courses on Legal Foundations of Public International Law, European Human Rights Law, Competition Law, Insolvency Law, Litigation and Arbitration, CISG, WTO Law and so forth. At the end of the compulsory courses, Moot Court training is required in order to enhance students’ skills to practice law.

The elective modules will be arranged both by CESL at CUPL and other CESL partner universities in Europe, from which students are required to select courses of the size of one module. Students are in that context offered an opportunity to study the elective module in Europe with one of our CESL partner universities. In autumn 2013 we will publish  the options which will be available for the MEIL students in spring 2014.

In addition, training on legal writing and research methods will be integrated into all courses. For 2013/2014, extra writing/oral assignments are added into all modules. Our European assistant professor will be responsible to choose and prepare a suitable exercise within each module in cooperation with the Flying Faculty. All the assignments will be reviewed for feed-back and training. This does not only provide a good preparation for the master thesis/dissertation which has to be written as part of the MEIL programme,  but will also enhance speaking skills needed later when starting a career as a legal professional. We do strongly recommend that students may begin work on their dissertation early in  the spring semester and contact as soon as possible a supervisor from their teaching professors. Usually a supervisor will have a few dissertations under their supervision.

Foreign students studying for the Master of European and International Law as a stand alone programme may replace first semester courses up to 6 Credits for Chinese Law Taught in English (CLTE) courses .

For more information please see: http://www.cesl.edu.cn/eng/prgjmecurriculumf.asp.

The Examination regulations are available here.

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The historical information of the Master of European and International Law (2008-2013) is available here.
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