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 >  Brief Review of the First Week in Bologna
From April 14th to 17th, students had their first-week elective courses on EU law in the Law faculty of University of Bologna (UNIBO). Prof. Elisa Baronicini, Associate Professor of International law, Prof. Federico Casolari and Prof. Marco Borraccetti, both UNIBO Assistant Professor of EU Law and two Ph.D candidates Elisa Ambrosini and Silvia Zarrella gave lectures on the following topics: The EU Global Investment Policy and the Perspective for an EU/China Investment Agreement, EU citizenship and money, Irregular Migration and Fundamental Rights in EU, The Common Asylum System, Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications, Consumers Protection and Liberal Professions. Students enjoyed these lectures on contemporary topics in the UNIBO ancient classrooms, UNIBO being the oldest continuously running university in the world. They were active in academic discussions and in asking questions. In order to show their gratitude, students presented CESL gifts to each lecturer.

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Left up:  Student GUAN Peng presented CESL gift to Prof. Marco Borraccetti; Right up: Prof. Federico Casolari's lecture
Down: CESL students with Prof. Elisa Baronicini 

With the warm guidance of Constantino, UNIBO Ph.D candidate, students enjoyed a walk around the city of Bologna, visiting churches and museums, embracing the history of Europe. On the afternoon of April 15th, students paid a visit to Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca, which lies on the top of a forested hill, Colle or Monte della Guardia, just southwest of the historical center of the city. Students reached the top along a (3.8 km) monumental roofed arcade (Portico di San Luca) consisting of 666 arches, which was built in 1674-1793. It was said that San Luca has been existed over ten centuries. Rumor also has it that students will not fail if he or she reached San Luca. Therefore, tired as students were after class, they climbed to the top and visit San Luca excitedly.

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Visit to Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca

During 18th to 20th of April, students had a three-day free time. Most of them made their own plans and traveled to other cities in small study groups. The destinations included Paris, Rome, Venice, Florence and San Mario.

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Left up: CESL students in Paris; Right up: Ana Coimbra Trigo with her friends in Florence
Left down: CESL students in San Marino; Right down: CESL students in Rome

Article by: PAN Chenwei
 >  Elective at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow Began
On 12 April 2015, 20 CESL Chinese students and career officer Guan Ying arrived in the Jagiellonian University in Cracow - the ancient capital of Poland. Cracow is a beautiful city with history of hundreds of years and it is one of the most important academic and economic centers in Poland. The Jagiellonian University is also regarded as one of the oldest universities across Europe.

With the assistance offered by program coordinator Przemysław Roguski, the students registered in the hotel and learned about the course schedule of the following three weeks.

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Left up: Mr. Przemysław Roguski picked CESL students up at the Central Train Station of Crakow;
Left down: Class; Right: CESL students in front of the teaching building of Jagiellonian University

The university has prepared for the students the 3-week course "International Investment Law".  The University will also offer the library access and campus' network which can help provide the students with foreign literature to work on their Master thesis writing.

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On April 13, Professor Susanna Fischer  from the Law Faculty of Columbia University gave the lecture on "Introduction to American Intellectual Property Law". By comparing the IP law systems  in the US and Poland, Prof. Fischer provided a clear framework in both countries.

On April 15, the course "International Investment Law" began. It was initially held by Przemysław Roguski and the following classes will be taught by other professors majoring in different fields of investment law. Furthermore, the interaction between Chinese and Polish students can broaden the horizon of both countries' youngsters and cultivate their friendship.

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UP: Trip to Budapest during the weekend
Down: Meals at Main Market Square
Article by LI Chenglong (CESL Double Master's students from the 2013 intake)
 >  Students’ Arrival at Europa-Kolleg Hamburg
On 12 April 2015, five CESL double master students from 2013 intake, CHENG Yulong, KOU Zengyan, QIN Guifang, SUN Yuting, and WEN Jin, arrived in Hamburg ready to start their seven-week exchange study. Former CESL students Du Ruyi and Yang Guodong, and former CUPL China-Germany School of Law student Li Lin, who are all currently PhD students in Hamburg, met the five students at the airport, gave them a warm welcome and brought the students to the Europa-Kolleg dormitory.

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The Europa-Kolleg Hamburg is an internationally recognised, interdisciplinary institution for education and research in the field of European integration. It was founded in 1953 for the objective of furthering research and academic teaching in the area of European integration and international cooperation. The five CESL students will take part in its Master Programme on European and European Legal Studies, attending courses of European and International Company Law, Legal Aspects of Common Foreign and Security Policy/Common Security and Defence Policy of the EU, and European Labour Law.

The next morning, the students attended the opening ceremony of the Europa-Kolleg. Professor Markus Kotzur, the Director of Studies, conveyed his sincere welcome to the students from China and introduced the course schedules and requirements. After the ceremony, the school provided a buffet lunch, with a combination of eastern and western cuisine, for all students. During the lunch, all the students from various countries, together with the professors, had a pleasant conversation. After the meal, the person in charge of the dormitory guided the students through the campus.

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Opening Ceremony

On 14 April, the courses started. Professor Dr. Peter Behrens elaborated the development of German, French, and English Company law, as well as the legislation of the EU.

On 15 April, Andreas Knobelsdorf led a guided tour for the CESL students of the University of Hamburg Faculty of Law library and introduced in detail the history and the display of books in the library.

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Picture with Mr. Andreas Knobelsdorf

After the library tour, Professor Hinrich Julius, the European Co-Chair of CESL’s Joint Managerial Committee, met the students. Professor Julius presented the history and current situation of Hamburg and discussed with the students about the legal education in Germany. During the proceedings of this visit, Ms. Nicole M. Gonyea, the Master Programme Coordinator at the CESL Consortium Office and Ms. Li Lin accompanied the students.

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Picture with Professor Hinrich Julius

By QIN Guifang, KOU Zengyan and WEN Jin (CESL Double Master's students from the 2013 intake)
 >  Pre-departure Meeting for Elective Module in Europe Took Place
On April 9, 2015, after the exam on international business law, 67 CESL students attended a meeting to prepare for their trip to Europe starting, for most of them, on April 12, 2015. The meeting was held by the CESL Co-Deans, the assistant professors and administrative staff members to inform the students about practical issues of the stay abroad, cultural differences, safety and the opportunities during their stay in the different European countries, as well as to say good bye and wish them a great time.

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This year elective modules are organized by and will take place at CESL Partner Universities in Bologna, Krakow, Budapest, Maastricht, Lund and Hamburg. For the vast majority of the Chinese students it will be their first time in Europe which gives them reason enough to be excited. Visibly relieved after having accomplished the last written module exam in Beijing, the students asked many questions about manners and customs in Europe.

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CESL wishes them a wonderful stay and fruitful studies in Europe!

Article by Benjamin Eichel
 >  Austrian Minister of Justice Paid Visit to CESL
Wolfgang Brandstetter, Austrian Minister of Justice, visited China-EU School of Law (CESL) at China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) and gave an inspiring speech entitled “Current Developments in the Field of Justice within the EU” at International Exchange Center inside Changping campus on the afternoon of March. 30, 2015. Dr. Clemens Richter, European Executive Co-dean of CESL hosted the speech. Prof. LIU Fei, Chinese Co-dean, Dr. ZHAO Tianshu, Manager of the Research Center, Assistant Prof. Monika Prusinowska, Associate Prof. WANG Qiang, Director of German Department of CUPL Foreign Language School, Helmut Spitzl, Acting Director of the Science and Technology Section of the Austrian Embassy, and around 60 students including international students attended the speech.

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At the beginning of the lecture, on behalf of CESL faculty and students, Dr. Richter expressed warm welcome to the Minsiter and his delegation. Minister Brandstetter started his speech by explaining the Treaty on the Function of the EU (TFEU) concerning the area of freedom, security and justice. He emphasized the importance of cooperation in the field of justice and indicated that mutual trust within the EU regarding rule of law is a prerequisite of deeper cooperation in this field. Three examples and one project were mentioned by Minister Brandstetter to reveal the current development in the field of Justice within EU. They are related to the uniformed criminal procedure in criminal proceeding, anti-corruption, the law of succession and cross-border insolvency procedure respectively. The minister specifically introduced the European anti-corruption system. He explained how the EU member states highlighted the grasp on corrupt practices over the past years and highlighted the importance of international cooperation in this field. He concluded the speech by showing his continuous determination on promoting the judicial cooperation.

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After the speech, CESL students positively raised their questions on the mechanism of online whistleblower and judicial cooperation among EU member states. Minister Brandstetter gave kindly explanation and further extension. The dialogue between the Austrian Minister of Justice and CESL achieved successful results.

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Minister Brandstetter visited China as a member of the delegation from Austria which was headed by Ausrtian president Fischer. The delegation had attended the Boao-Forum and had other high level meetings on the invitation by Chinese president Xi Jinping. Minister Brandstetter has served as a professor of economic criminal law for almost two decades at different Austrian universities.

Before the lecture, the minister was received by Prof. Gao, Vice chairman of the University Party Committee. They had a kindly discussion and exchanged ideas on higher education. The Minister highlighted the good reputation CUPL has in Austria.

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Article by LUO Dan, Master Student from 2014 intake


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