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 >  MEIL Study Sharing for Master Students
On the evening of March 26th, CESL held a MEIL Study Sharing Meeting for master students from the 2013 intake in Room 306 of the Mingfa Building in Changping. Professor Armin Hatje, European Co-Dean, Professor Liu Fei, Chinese Co-Dean and Dr. Clemens Richter, European Executive Co-Dean attended the meeting. Han Xiaolei and Dou Chunyuan as the graduate representatives from the 2010 intake came back to the campus and shared their ideas about how the MEIL study influenced their career planning. Pan Chenwei as the student representative from the 2011 intake and Xu Caimengxiao as the student representative from the 2012 intake shared their experiences in MEIL study. Ms. Zeng Binbin, Vice-director of the Teaching Affairs Office and Mr. Liu Zheng, Secretary to the Co-Deans were present as well. Ms. Ma Anna, Director of the Teaching Affairs Office presided the meeting.

Ms. Ma Anna expressed thanks to both Co-Deans and Executive Co-Dean for sparing time with the students. Meanwhile, Ms. Ma gave a warm welcome to the two alumni.

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Prof. LIU Fei, Prof. Armin Hatje and Dr. Clemens Richter

To begin with, Prof. Liu Fei made an introduction to Prof. Armin Hatje as our new European Co-Dean and to Dr. Clemens Richter as our European Executive Co-Dean. During his speech, Prof. Liu Fei emphasized that CESL keeps exploring and improving the MEIL programme. So far, there are at least two visible improvements: 1. the flying faculty are staying longer in China, thus students have more chance to communicate with them; 2. Chinese students are offered more opportunities to study in Europe in order to make them exposed deeper to the European legal context. In 2013, all the double master students from the 2011 intake were offered the opportunity to have summer school in European partner universities;this year, 48 double master students from the 2012 intake will study the Elective Module in European partner universities lasting from 3 weeks to 2 months. Prof. Liu Fei pointed out that CESL aims at educating international legal talents who are desperately demanded in the top legal service market. He also hopes that CESL students can improve their legal English skill in general and have a systematic knowledge of EU law after the MEIL study. With such a skill and knowledge, he believes that CESL students will shine in the international legal stage.

Prof. Armin Hatje, who has been involved in the planning and running of CESL from the very beginning made a brief introduction to the establishing background as well as the history of CESL. He strongly recommended the students to study the MEIL programme. He said that with the economic increase, China will be more and deeper involved in international relations, thus legal talents in international law are demanded by this country. As a significant trade partner to China, EU will have a growing number of cooperation as well as frictions with China. Therefore, both EU and China need lawyers equipped with knowledge of Chinese and EU law. What’s more, EU has already established the internal market which worth studying by the rest of the world. Prof. Hatje also warned the student not just to take over European ideas as CESL is a place that offers ideas only. In addition, as China and EU enhance their friendship, having knowledge in international and European law can even benefit their future daily work. In the end of his speech, Prof. Hatje invited students, who are also part of the CESL family, to communicate with the Co-Deans about their confusion and doubts toward the MEIL programme.

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HAN Xiaolei, DOU Chunyuan
XU Caimengxiao, PAN Chenwei

Dr. Clemens Richter gave an overview of the MEIL programme with concrete statistics and attractive pictures, guiding the students to their future MEIL study which will be tense but interesting.

Han Xiaolei expressed that the MEIL study had broadened her vision and expanded her career options. Dou Chunyuan shared her job hunting experience and how the MEIL study experience contributed to her decisions. She found that study in CESL can help you know yourself better, thus you can transcend yourself. Pan Chenwei from the 2011 intake and Xu Caimengxiao from the 2012 intake shared their study experience and gave advice on how to overcome the obstacle in MEIL study.

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Questions and Answers

In the end, students from the 2013 intake raised questions about their study in CESL either in Chinese or fluent English which were fully answered.

By Pan Chenwei (CESL double masters' student from 2011 intake)

 >  CESL Vis Moot Team ranked THIRD in the whole 11th Willem C. Vis (East) International Commercial Arbitration Moot
Great success! The China-EU School of Law Vis Moot Team ("CESL Vis") ranked THIRD in the whole 11th Willem C. Vis (East) International Commercial Arbitration Moot ("Vis Moot East"). 99 teams from 28 countries around the world participated in this year’s Moot, including Harvard Law School, New York University School of Law,  the George Washington University Law School, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. CESL Team was the only one from mainland China that made it to the round of 32 best teams, and also the only Asian team that reached Top 4 this year.
Moreover, LI Kaixu and ZHANG Liming won as the first and the second
best oralists in the individual category. The Team was also awarded with the Honorable Mention (top 15%) for Claimant Commemorator.
This is the very first year that CESL participated in the Vis Moot. The success follows 7 months of hard work and dedication of the team members, who all committed considerable amount of time to read and analyze the facts and evidence of a case, seek out the relevant legal texts, craft their legal arguments, draft memoranda for both claimant and respondent and prepare oral arguments on the basis of those memoranda.
This year, in the general round, the CESL Vis Team pleaded against the University of Canberra (Australia), American University Washington College of Law (US), Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg (Germany) and De La Salle University College of Law (Philippines).
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Pleading against Law School of Washington University
After the round of best 8 teams. CESL facing the team from Bangalore
Pleading against Law School of University of Canberra
In the knock-out round, the Team pleaded against Georgetown University (US) in the round of 32, Bond University (Australia) in the round of 16, National Law School of India University (Bangalore) in the round of 8, and eventually - against Loyola University Chicago School of Law (US) in the semi-final.
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Closing ceremony - awards and happiness

Cordial thanks go to the administration of CESL, pre-moots arbitrators who have all contributed to this success.
HAN Weizhe (LLM/2013)
JIANG Xuan (LLM/2013)
LI Kaixu (LLM/2013)
ZHANG Chenxu (LLM/2013)
ZHAO Chunlei (LLM/2013)
ZHANG Liming (LLM/2013)
Team Manager:
LI Jinglun (Master/2012)

Professor Susan-Gale Wintermuth
Assistant Professor Monika Prusinowska
Christian Steger (Chairman of Hamburg Vis Moot Alumni Association)
 >  CESL Double Master's Students Arriving at Strasbourg University in France for Elective Course
After a flight of ten hours and almost three-hours train ride, thirty CESL Double Master's students from 2012 intake arrived at Strasbourg, France on April 5th, 2014 to attend the elective courses of the MEIL program for three weeks.

Prof. Daniele Alexandre and Ms. Aurore Garin at Strasbourg University extend their welcome to the students at the Strasbourg Railway Station. Afterwards, we took the tram to our residence which located in the east of Strasbourg, 200 meters away from the faculty of law of Strasbourg University. It is convenient to take the public transportation and the surrounding environment there is fantastic. When coming across with the french students living there, they would always say “bonjour” or “bonsoir” to us. Prof. Daniele Alexandre and Ms. Aurore Garin introduced us the life and study during the three weeks and answered our questions very patiently. At last, we sent well-prepared presents to them to express our gratitudes.

Strasbourg is located on the boundaries between Germany and France. It only takes 40 minutes to walk to the German city called kehl from our residence. On Sunday, we visited the famous Cathedral of Strasbourg and are fascinated by its magnificent architecture and exquisite reliefs and murals. Fortunately, we happened to meet the Carnival which is hold once a year in Strasbourg. Parade vehicles and various kinds of dresses of the adults and kids constituted the atmosphere of happiness.
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On Monday, we came to the faculty of law of the Strasbourg University and began our study in Europe. The topic of the course which will be lectured in these three weeks is consumer protection law. In this week, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law of Strasbourg University Prof. Nicolas Nord firstly gives an general introduction to the consumer protection in EU from the perspectives of legal basis, notions and cases. He highlighted the “notion of the consumer” in the tutorial and conducted the discussions on the same topic. Prof. Nicolas Nord are also one of the main organizers of this elective course program. In order to thanks for his well preparation, we sent him a delicate present on behalf of the CESL.
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In the afternoon of 8 April, under the guide of Ms Aurore Garin, we took the tram to visit the European Parliament. Prof. Daniele Alexandre accompanied us to enter the parliament building. Passing though the security, the administrator of European Parliament, Mr. François Régnier welcomed us and delivered an introduction in front of the model of the parliament building. He explained that the circular design of the European Parliament reflects the idea of pursuing the perfect and 12 stars on the EU flag are also for the same idea since 12 is a perfect number. Then, Mr. François Régnier toured us to the Chamber of the European Parliament which is the biggest one in Europe. Sitting on the audience seats of the grand chamber, he introduced that the Members of the European Parliament seat in chamber according to which political party they belong to, rathert than their nationalities. Afterwards, Mr. François Régnier guided us to a small meeting room, in which another administrator Ms Tittor conducted a more detailed introduction to the European Parliament, including the powers of the EP, the distribution of the seats of EP and the reform of the EP. At the end of the visit, we sent presents to Mr. François Régnier and Ms Tittor.

In the afternoon of 9 April, at half past five, the Faculty of Law offered a welcome reception to us. Besides Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law of Strasbourg University Prof. Nicolas Nord, Ms Aurore Garin and Ms Manuela Brill at from the faculty of law, Prof. Daniele Alexandre invited the vice president of Strasbourg University Prof. Francis Kern and Prof. Céline Meyrueis from CEIPI to the reception. Prof. Francis Kern and Prof. Nicolas Nord both delivered the speech to welcome us. Meanwhile, they provided the white wine, juice and water and various kinds of deserts. We toasted and chatted with each other in private. We all spent a wonderful night.

Besides the study, we experienced the unique customs of France. Once a time, when shopping in a nearby supermarket, an elder man approached us and say "Ni Hao" to us in Chinese. Even though most French people can not speak English fluently, we can still feel the kindness of them when they say “bonjour” to us. In addition, we learn the attitude of the life of French People from knowing that the supermarket closed on Sunday and shops never opened after 5 o’clock in the afternoon in Strasbourg.

By Zhao Yin (CESL student from 2012 intake)
 >  The China-EU School of Law Vis Moot Team
The China-EU School of Law Vis Moot Team is finally in Hong Kong facing tough competition of the law schools’ teams from all around the globe. That has been a long way – couple of months of very hard work.

All the long and intense preparations has aimed at the very best performance in Hong Kong during the Willem C. Vis East International Commercial Arbitration Moot, which is one of the most prestigious international moot court competitions for law students in the world. The object of the Vis Moot is to foster study in the areas of international commercial and arbitration laws and to encourage the resolution of business disputes by arbitration. The problem for the moot is always based on international sales transactions subjected to the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and involves procedural issues of arbitration. The moot consists of submitting written memoranda for both sides of the dispute (Claimant and Respondent) and the oral arguments phase of the moots, which is held in Hong Kong.

Six members of the Team (Han Weizhe, Jiang Xuan, Li Kaixu, Zhang Chenxu, Zhao Chunlei and Zhang Liming) first needed to submit all the written memoranda and then focus on oral presentation skills. The schedule has been very tight and involved number of different activities, such as pre-moots, workshops, online hearings with the teams from various countries and consultations on the Vis problem matters.

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Starting in 2014, shortly after the winter break the Team participated in a number of practicing rounds arbitrated and supported by the local professors and coaches. Among the teams CESL Vis Team had opportunities to practice with were the teams of: CUPL, Wuhan University (China), Central European University (Hungary), University of Warsaw (Poland), University of Hamburg (Germany) and City University of Hong Kong (HK).

Moreover, the Team took part in the online pre-moot organized yearly by Pace Law School and faced the team of the University of Helsinki. Due to the time difference the hearing was held in the late evening hours but the team was fighting with passion to finally receive very positive feedback from the arbitrator.

During February 23rd to 27th, the Team enjoyed educational but delightful training hosted by Mr. Christian Steger from Hamburg. Mr. Steger participated in the 16th Willem C. Vis Arbitration Moot representing the University of Hamburg and coached the 17th and 20th Vis Moot Team of Hamburg University, and has been successful both as an oralist and as a coach. The five-day training was tightly scheduled and involved different kinds of practices, including formal hearing, stop-start hearing, coffee table hearing, record knowledge checking, etc. During the process the members of the Team polished their legal arguments and improved their debating skills according to the specific and pointed feedback and suggestions provided by Mr. Steger.

At the beginning of March the Team had also an opportunity to discuss in detail the issues related to CISG application with Professor Gabriël-Luc Ballon and the tutor - Mr. Pieter Brulez, flying faculty of the MEIL programme.
Another valuable experience was the pre-moot organized in cooperation with the WunschArb law firm. The hearing was conducted and assessed by the two experienced arbitration specialists: Dr. Clarisse von Wunschheim and Mr. Lear Liu.

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In addition, right before leaving for the pre-moot to Shanghai, the CESL Vis Team had another session with Mr. Steger, who was this time well supported by the whole team of the coaches from Hamburg. In order to let the colleagues see what the Team has been working on for last couple of months, one of the last practice hearings was open for the students and was conducted in the Moot Room to add additional flavor of professionalism. Big number of fellow students arrived to attend the hearing and provided the Team with valuable feedback.

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From March 27th to 29th, the Team participated in the Shangai Pre-Moot and faced the teams of Hamline University (US), Minzu University of China, Shanghai University of Political Science and Law and Japanese Waseda University. The general rounds were held in the premises of East China University of Political Science and Law, as well as in the law firms of Shanghai’s CBD and were assisted and evaluated by both academics and practitioners. 28 teams from all around the world, including countries like Mexico, Brazil or India were competing for 3 days. The final match was between National University of Singapore University and Victoria University, with the Australian team winning the whole pre-moot.

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Immediately upon arrival in Hong Kong (29th of March) the Team was ready to participate in the pre-moot hosted by the City University of Hong Kong. The first day the CESL Team was pleading against the Indian team of National Law School of India University from Bangalore and the other day CESL students faced National Taiwan University.

Article by the CESL Vis Team
 >  CESL Double Master's Students from 2012 Intake Arrived Europa-Kolleg Hamburg Institute in Germany for Elective Course
Five CESL Double Master's students from 2012 Intake, Ms. GUO Yun, Mr. HAO Zheng, Mr. JIANG Xuan, Ms. LI Kaixv and Ms. XU Chaimengxiao, obtained an opportunity to study the elective courses at Europa-Kolleg Hamburg Institute for European Integration for two months.

The Europa-Kolleg Hamburg is an internationally recognised, interdisciplinary institution for education and research in the field of European integration. It was founded in 1953 for the objective of furthering research and academic teachings in the area of European Integration and international cooperation.

These five students will take part in the master program on European Economic Law which is a main education program offered by Europa-Kolleg Hamburg. The program provides a fundamental understanding of the legal framework of the European internal market as well as a sound knowledge in the economically most important fields of European law. They will take courses on Company Law, Common Foreign and Security Policy/ Common Security and Defence Policy and Labour Law.

Before 7 April 2014, all students flied to Hamburg, Germany. In the morning of 7 April, they attended the opening ceremony of spring semester of Europa-Kolleg Hamburg. Prof. Dr. Markus Kotzur, Director of Studies, introduced the schedule of new semester and the specified requirements of courses. At the ceremony, all the staff and students warmly welcomed the coming of Chinese students.

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Photo with Prof. Dr. iur. Hinrich Julius and Ms. Nicole M. Gonyea; the Opening Ceremony at  Europa-Kolleg Hamburg;
Photo with Mr. Andreas Knobelsdorf

On 8 April, the five students visited the campus of Hamburg University as invited by Prof. Dr. iur. Hinrich Julius, the European Co-Chair of CESL Joint Managerial Committee. Meanwhile, the senior CESL student from 2011 intake, Mr DU Ruyi, who is studying at the Max Planck Institute accompanied with the five students walking around the beautiful campus. Then the chief of the Hamburg Library, Mr. Andreas Knobelsdorf introduced all the modernized facilities of the library to the students. At last, Prof. Dr. iur. Hinrich Julius presented the history and the current situation of the Hamburg and proposed the expectation that fulfill the elective courses with best effort to the five students. Besides, during the whole proceedings of this visit, Ms. Nicole M. Gonyea, the Master Programme Coordinator at the CESL Consortium Office accompanied the students.
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Photo with CESL student from 2011 intake Mr DU Ruyi; Main Entrance of the Faculty of Law at UHH

On 9 April, the five students started the program of the elective courses. From the perspective of comparative methods, Prof. Peter Behrens explained the history and development of the German, French and English company law. After that, he overviewed the consequences of harmonization of European Union in the field of company law. Then Lisbeth Biskup organized the students from different countries to talk about the CFSP/CSDP, which could exhibit various understandings of the topic and lead the students to consider it deeply. During the Tea Break of the courses, the five students of CESL communicated with the students from other countries via the topic of the crisis of Ukraine, the Malaysia Airline accident and the different characters between Chinese and foreign students' dormitory.

In the schedule of the five students, they will visit the professors, tutors and friends who related to the European Law program and explore the culture and customs of Hamburg and other European cities comprehensively

By HAO Zheng and JIANG Xuan ( CESL Double Master's students from 2012 intake)


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