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 >  2014 China-Europe Academic Conference Achieved Great Success in Beijing
Co-organized by China-EU School of Law (CESL) at the China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) and Research Centre for Government by Law (RCGL) at CUPL, the 2014 China-Europe Academic Conference was held at the Multi-functional Hall of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Hotel (BUPT Hotel) on October 23rd, 2014. The theme of the conference was “The Revision of the Chinese Administrative Litigation Law”. The conference lasted for one whole day and composed of four sessions, including: Complaints against Administrative Decisions: Revised Decision and Original Decision; Contracts between Citizens and Administrative Authorities under Administrative Litigation Law; The Invalidity of Administrative Decisions; Overview of the Various Types of Lawsuits Possible against Administrative Decisions: Focusing on Preventive Lawsuit and Confirmative Lawsuit (Feststellungsklage), that had drawn a lot of attention from the academics in the process of the revision of this law. Mr. ZHANG Fusen, Chinese Co-Chair of the Joint Managerial Committee(JMC)of CESL at CUPL, Former Minister of Justice, Prof. YING Songnian, Tenured Professor of CUPL and Chairman Emeritus of the China Administrative Law Research Association, Prof. Hinrich JULIUS, European Co-Chair of the JMC of CESL at CUPL, Prof. MA Huaide, Vice President of CUPL, Dean of the Research Center for Government by Law at CUPL and Chairman of the China Administrative Law Research Association, Mr. TONG Weidong, Vice Director of the Office for Administrative Law of the Legislative Affairs Commission of NPC, attended the conference and respectively gave welcome speeches on the opening ceremony hosted by Prof. LIU Fei, Chinese Co-Dean of CESL at CUPL. Meanwhile, Prof. Armin HATJE, European Co-Dean of CESL at CUPL,  and Dr. Clemens RICHTER, Executive Co-Dean of CESL at CUPL were present the conference, along with quite a few prestigious scholars from China and Europe. This conference also attracted the attention of several social media.

Prof. LIU Fei extended his heartfelt gratitude to all the participants for taking time out from their tight schedules and joining the conference. Following Prof. LIU’s opening remark, Mr. ZHANG Fusen also expressed his warm welcome to all the guests, experts and scholars, and sincerely wished the conference a complete success. He spoke highly of the significance of the promulgation of Chinese Administrative Litigation Law. He pointed out that it had been 24 years since the law was promulgated, and the birth of it marked the establishment of "people sues the government officials" system for the first time, a milestone of its value and far-reaching significance in the development of China's legal system. The Chinese Administrative Litigation Law, as the representative of the contemporary Chinese administrative legal system, was the most dazzling star of democracy and legal system.

Affirming the great achievements of the promulgation and implementation of the Chinese Administrative Litigation Law, Mr. ZHANG also pointed out the main problems of this law. He said that, the current administrative litigation system was uncoordinated with and not suited to the social economic development prominently. People had higher demand in the practical problems of the difficulty of placing on file, the difficulty of trial and the difficulty of execution in the administrative proceedings.  The administrative litigation had not been fully functioned; and there was also much room for the system to improve. Therefore, the revision of Chinese Administrative Litigation Law was imperative. Mr. ZHANG further explained that the revision of the law depended on the efforts and involvement by the publics, academic scholars and professionals of legal practice. The second revision of the law had been publicized not long ago; more attention should be paid to how to make it meet the needs of legal practice. He extended his best wishes to the conference on creative ideas towards the revision through thorough discussion.

At last, Mr. ZHANG summarized the significance of this event, mentioning that CESL at CUPL played a role as a platform for academic exchanges between China and Europe and RCGL at CUPL was an important base of investigation in theories and practices of a law-based government. An academic conference held by these two institutes would surely promote the legal cultural exchanges between China and Europe.

Following Mr. ZHANG’s speech, Prof. YING Songnian introduced the backgrounds of the revision on Chinese Administrative Litigation Law. On one hand, the revision had been going on for a couple of months with heated discussions among academic circles; on the other hand, Prof. Ying said, revision on the law was even harder than making the law due to various opinions from the process of the revision, since the revision had been prepared for many years and drawn widely attention from the whole society. Different opinions would lead to different requirements on the revision.

Meantime, Prof. YING Songnian was looking forward to the conference. He hoped each of the scholars participated in would have an open-minded discussion at the conference, and would study and discuss the achievements of the second revision of Chinese Administrative Litigation Law and the problems of the third review together. He expected that the foreign scholars could introduce the legislative experience of the law of the foreign countries. Prof. YING also spoke highly of the meaning of this event and wished it to achieve a complete success.

Prof. Hinrich JULIUS said that he had been working together with several experts present here today for many years and cooperated on the relevant issues which had also made good progress a few years ago. As the European Co-Chair of the JMC of CESL, he was glad to be able to contribute to the conference as well. He further mentioned that, the CESL, since its establishment in 2008, CESL’s purpose was not only confined to the academic exchanges; but at the same time it also included the promotion of the development of a full range of exchanges between China and the EU. CESL had both participated in the discussion of revision of relevant laws, and cooperated with the government and courts in long-term perspectives and at all levels, including the revision of the Chinese Administrative Litigation Law.

On behalf of CUPL and RCGL, Prof. Ma Huaide raised his expectation towards the academic conference and thanked all scholars for making time out of their tight schedule and sharing their wisdom on the revision of Chinese Administrative Litigation Law, which was also the theme of this event and was the echo to the amendment of the law reviewed by the National People's Congress. More importantly, the amendment was expected to be passed by the end of this month. Thus, the conference was very influential. Prof. MA believed that this was an outstanding chance for Chinese and European scholars to change ideas. China used to hold relevant conferences with U.S., Germany, France and Korea on Administrative Litigation Law and this was the first time in China to gather so many scholars globally so he was confident that the conference would achieve fruitful outcome.

Facing the coming third review of Chinese Administrative Litigation Law, Mr. TONG Weidong also delivered his best wishes to the success of the event co-organized by CESL and RCGL. He introduced that the Office for Administrative Law of the Legislative Affairs Commission of NPC, PRC had sent four representatives to take part in the conference. He pointed out that the issues of the conference were the problems that had no clear answers since they began their research. Mr. TONG hoped that the discussion of Chinese and foreign experts would enlighten sparkles on the revision of Chinese Administrative Litigation Law.
 >  Great Sailing for Wonderful Careers" Season Nine
On September 28th, 2014 Baker & McKenzie on-campus recruitment activity was held at Room 305 of CESL Mingfa Building in CUPL Changping campus. Ms. Peng Fan, the HR manager of the Beijing office of Baker & McKenzie attended the activity as the keynote speaker.

Founded in 1949, as one of the first foreign law firms approved by Ministry of Justice of P.R. China to establish offices in mainland China, Baker & McKenzie has gathered great experience and attained remarkable achievements in providing legal services related to areas such as insurance, antitrust and competition, cross-border M&A, project finance, securities, private equity, investment funds, real estate, intellectual property and dispute resolution etc. Nowadays, the law firm can be regarded as one of the largest and most experienced international law firms in China. This time, its on-campus recruitment activity in CESL, having attracted a large number of law school students, did bear some desirable fruits.

To begin with, Ms. Peng Fan gave the attendees a detailed and comprehensive introduction of Baker & McKenzie’s business areas, personnel allocation, and the career planning and systematic training for its staff, especially highlighted the mentor program, work shift, overseas training program and global scholarship program.

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In the wake of showing a picture of Mr. Jia Dian’an, partner and chief representative of Baker & McKenzie Beijing office, Ms. Peng shared her personal ideas on how to become a remarkable lawyer. From her perspective, a marvelous lawyer, not merely a “good” one, shall be equipped with not only accurate legal consciousness in the face of ambiguous legal provisions, a good business mind in creating a win-win situation for his/her clients and himself/herself, and the awareness of providing customer-oriented services, but also the analytical ability to solve real problems, the communication skills to brief others on a complicated issue and a positive working attitude.

In the meantime, Ms. Peng attached great importance to excellent English skills. She encouraged students to grasp the knowledge from textbooks while training their good sense and application ability of English by reading original versions of English works. In addition, Ms. Peng also mentioned the scholarship and some eight-week internships sponsored and offered by Baker & McKenzie for those outstanding students from five prestigious universities in China, including CUPL.

At the end of the recruitment activity, many students enthusiastically participated in the interaction with Ms. Peng, raising questions on CV writing, interview skills and ways of application for internships and full-time positions, all of which were answered by Ms. Peng at length. Finally, accompanied with all attendees’ warm applause, there came the conclusion of this recruitment activity.

Written and photographed by Zhuang Li’e (CESL Double Master student from 2013 intake)
Translated by Wang Feisi (CESL master student from 2014 intake)
 >  New Editorial Team of China-EU Law Journal
After discussion and consultation on September 10th 2014, the Co-deans of CESL have jointly decided that Prof. Armin Hatje, European Co-dean, and Prof. Liu Fei, Chinese Co-dean will hold the post as Editors-in-Chief of China-EU Law Journal and Prof. Björn Ahl from the Institute of East Asian Studies, University of Cologne and Dr. Zhao Tianshu, Executive Manager of CESL research center, will assume the function as Associate Editors.


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                                         Prof. Dr. LIU Fei                                                          Prof. Dr. Armin HATJE
                                            Co-Dean                                                                           Co-Dean
                                   China-EU School of Law                                                   China-EU School of Law
           at the China University of Political Science and Law              at the China University of Political Science and Law
zhengfaliufei@163.com                                  Email: armin.hatje@jura.uni-hamburg.de

                                                                                   Associate Editors
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                                  China-EU School of Law                                             Institute of East Asian Studies       
               at the China University of Political Science and Law                        University of Cologne, Germany
zts0504@hotmail.com                                         Email: bjoern.ahl@uni-koeln.de

The China-EU Law Journal (CELJ) is a peer-reviewed publication bringing together Chinese, European and international perspectives on law. Since 2011, CELJ has published three volumes, five issues in total. It presents the legal events related to China and Europe, updating the latest development of Chinese law and focuses on the latest legislation, development of the case law as well as China-EU relations in particular. The fifth issue discussed a special topic on Legal Education.

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CELJ aims at providing a platform for the academia both in China and Europe, presenting innovation and research results and inspiring discussions on current China-EU legal issues. The editorial team of CELJ is composed by reputable legal scholars from China and Europe, who work together and learn from each other.

CESL is devoted to build CELJ into a common legal academic platform in order to enhance the People-to-People Dialogue between China and EU.

CELJ welcomes comparative and interdisciplinary approaches. Studies on Chinese law from a European perspective and studies on European law from a Chinese perspective are of particular interest.

For more information on China-EU Law Journal, please click here.
 >  The Public Interest in Chinese Law has been published
Approved and funded by China-EU School of Law at the China University of Political Science and Law, The Public Interest in Chinese Law was successfully published by Peking University Press in July, 2014. It is the final output of the research project on the same topic conducted in March 2011. Professor Zheng Yongliu led this project together with Associate Professor Zhu Qingyu who was in charge of the project execution. In addition, nine other researchers made their contributions in compiling the book.

The main content of this book includes:
  • Text description and explanation of the public interest provisions of Chinese public law
  • Constitution and public interest
  • Explanation of public interest in the context of civil law - the comparison of public interest between Chinese and German land expropriation systems based on Article VII of the General Rule of Civil Law
  • Explanation of public interest in the case law of UK and HK
  • Concept and definition of public interest in case of housing expropriation in urban area
  • Roadside stall business versus public interest – research and questions on the legality of “urban management staffs expelling peddlers”
  • Social responsibility of corporations – logic of law and economic reality
  • Freedom and regulation of market – from the angle of legal introspection into the business registration system of China
 >  Welcome Activity for New Students
2014-2015 academic year is about to start in the golden September with CESL receiving 114 Chinese students and 14 international students. Among all the Chinese new comers, some are graduated from well-known universities, some have foreign study backgrounds and some had served for big companies before coming to CESL. The 14 international students are coming from Netherlands, Germany, Ethiopia, Portugal and Ukraine. After the two-day preparation, busy while orderly, CESL has now well completed the task of receiving new students.

Several meetings had been held a few days before the forthcome enrollment by the staffs of CESL who were responsible for welcoming the new students. Through discussions, they well arranged the orientation in all respects, and made sure the whole process was assigned to responsible individuals. Each of the posters was taken charge by specific working staff. In order to simplify the working process and maximize efficiency, the distribution of task was illustrated in work forms for teachers and students to take reference from.

On the morning of September 6th, under the leadership of CESL faculty members Ms. Zeng Binbin, Ms. Ma Anna, Ms. Guan Ying and Ms. Pan Chenwei, the members of CESL student union and volunteers were ready on standby at 8 a.m. to warmly welcome the incoming students of CESL and their parents.

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During the receiving activity, school leaders - Secretary Shi Yajun, Vice-president Feng Shiyong and other members of leadership from related functional departments headed to each of the stands to visit new students, staff and volunteers. In addition, some of 2010 graduates of CESL came back to their Alma Mater and met the new students.

The work of welcoming new students started on the morning of September 7th. Guide boards of each college and department were placed in front of rows of school buses. New students of CESL were gathered firstly by the school guide who then led students to CESL stand to fill in materials and to go through other formalities, such as having a physical examination and checking in. CESL arranged working staff around the receiving area to answer questions raised by new students and their parents, who were deeply impressed by thoroughly and warmly arrangement. Meanwhile, the European Executive Co dean of CESL, Dr. Clemens Richter paid visit to the stand and chatted with working staff and new students to have a bigger picture of the receiving activity and expressed warm welcome to the new family members of CESL.

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At 5pm, the receiption ended. At that night, with view to helping students adjust to the new circumstance as soon as possible, some members of student union came to their dorms and shared experience with the new students.

Hop like a fish in the sea, fly like a bird across the sky. Hope every student emerging the beauty of youth and training yourself with qualified skills and achieving excellent outcomes with CESL.

Written by: Zhang Yihui(CESL master student from 2013 intake)
English Translation by: Qu Jiahua(CESL master student from 2014 intake)
Photo by: Zhuang Li'e and Peng Xiao(CESL Double Master's students from 2013 intake)


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