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On the afternoon of June 25th, 2014, CESL Graduation Ceremony was held at the lecture hall of Keyan Buiding, Xueyuanlu campus with an attendance of Prof. LIU Fei, Chinese Co-dean of CESL, Dr. Clemens RICHTER, European Executive Co-dean and part of CESL faculties and family members of the graduates up to more than 140 people. The ceremony was hosted by Ms. PAN Chenwei, one of the 2014 graduates.

The ceremony has led to several records in CESL’s history: the largest number of graduates, including 112 from double master programme and 26 from Chinese law, 3 from MEIL programme and 4 PhD graduates; the biggest venue --- it’s the first time that CESL held graduation ceremony at the most spacious hall of Xueyuanlu campus. 

The 4 sessions of the ceremony --- speeches by student representatives, awarding degrees by Co-deans, wishes from the Co-deans and group photo --- was carried out in a relaxing and cheerful atmosphere, in which faculty members and students of CESL expressed their thankful feelings and wishes to the law school. The speeches of graduates sharing their personal experience at CESL followed the tradition of the law school’s graduation ceremony.

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UP: LI Qian and WANG Hui
DOWN: Rémi RIVOAL and SHEN Linping

Offering her own experience as an example, LI Qian, on behalf of all the double master graduates from 2011 intake, shared how CESL made one mentally ready for the change of role from a bachelor degree graduate to a master degree candidate. The past three years was a turning period of life that everyone should carefully grasp for future planning. She was also proud of being a member of the 2011 intake as this was a group of youngsters who never treated themselves as negative bystanders but actively involved in the development process of CESL by offering advice no matter how little it will help. She urged fellow students to bear in mind the hard-working spirit and sense of friendship of CESL and to make contributions in the context of the big era full of opportunities and challenges and to encourage each other for advance together.

Speaking in his magnetic voice as an English news reporter of the campus, WANG Hui, representing graduates of 2012 intake majoring in Chinese law, looked back to his life with CESL in the past two years. Firstly, he extended gratitude to all CESL professors and working staff for their hard work and congratulated all fellow students onsite on their graduation. He recalled the changes he had had in the past two years with CESL in aspects such as enlarging knowledge base, training personal skills as well as broadening horizon. He also mentioned that CESL was a big platform where students could fully perform their skills and talents so that they would be better prepared when heading into society.

Following WANG Hui’s speech, Rémi RIVOAL, as the representative of international graduates, introduced his life with CESL in humorous language. He said he knew almost nothing about CESL when he searched the law school in Google for the first time, but when the time for graduation approached, his nostalgia was found in every word of the speech. CESL is not only a window for Chinese students to look through and know Europe, but also a school bringing China closer to the European students. In addition to a better knowledge of Chinese law he had in the one year school life in CESL, Rémi, like other international students, harvested precious friendship and got to Chinese culture in various aspects.

Then, PhD graduate, SHEN Linping, expressed his heartfelt appreciation to all CESL faculty members for their help in every regard and delivered his best wishes to CESL’s future development.

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Prof. LIU Fei, Dr. Clemens RICHTER, Prof. ZHU Weiyi

Later on, Prof. ZHU Weiyi, as one of CESL teaching faculty members, shared his rich work experience in different institutions as well as that of foreign study. He underlined that CESL is a good place for study, combining international recognized learning programmes with affordable tuition fees. He encouraged students to rise to the challenge when there was one, to live a life of passion and to try different occupations, if possible, until finding the one perfectly balancing your interests and professional skills. Academic achievement could never define a person in all aspects; on the contrary, learning ability and curiosity would play a more significant role in driving a person to forge ahead. At last, Prof. ZHU said one should be clear of him/herself and striving to make contributions to the society by inspiring people around him/her, and to avoid being addicted to internet but to remain a peaceful mind and to cultivate friendship by communicating with people in this time of fickleness.

After that, the two Co-deans awarded master degrees to each of the graduates and took photos with them.

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At last, two Co-deans delivered their best wishes to all the graduates. Dr. Clemens Richter, the European Executive Co-dean, said CESL, as the only law school approved by the Ministry of Education under the "Sino-foreign Schools Agreement", had its unique advantages over other law schools. Cooperating with many European partner universities, CESL provided students with the access to the most cutting-edge legal view brought by flying faculties; to let more and more students have the opportunity to directly go to Europe and to further their study on EU law through continuous deepening teaching practice; with a growing reputation and influence, CESL was laying a solid foundation for its students in job market.

Prof. LIU Fei mentioned that CESL had always been working on introducing teaching staff with high quality and expertise, as well as thoughtful and detailed service to the students who were widely considered as one of the most hard-working groups of students in CUPL. So many times after work, he would stay outside of the classroom of CESL and feel the lights above the studious students through the window. He hoped CESL students would have a broader international vision and keep focus on both Chinese and foreign legal markets, meanwhile, he expected graduates would follow any progress CESL will achieve in the future and revisit their Alma Mater at convenience.

After the ceremony, all the graduates and faculty members took group photo together in front of the Keyan Building.

Written by: LI Qian (CESL Double Master's students from 2011 intake)
English Translation by: LIU Zheng
Photo by: LU Yunkai
 >  CESL's Participation in the New European Research on Contemporary China Conference: Legal Panel
On July 4th, 2014, Monika Prusinowska, Assistant Professor of the China-EU School of Law, had the pleasure to co-chair the legal panel organized within the New European Research on Contemporary China Conference. The conference was organized by the French Center for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC), the Sino-French Academic Center (CFC, Tsinghua University) and the EURAXESS Links China, and was additionally supported by the Delegation of the European Union to China, the European Center for China Studies (ECCS), Peking University, the Heinrich-Böll Foundation, the Max Weber Foundation and the Think in China.

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The main aim of the conference was to bring together doctoral candidates, post-doctoral researchers and recent PhDs based in China, either European nationals or affiliated with European research institutions, in order to produce an overview of the emerging problematics in Chinese studies, and in a broader sense – to promote China-Europe dialogue.

The legal panel part was held in the premises of Delegation of the European Union to China. Assistant Professor Monika Prusinowska co-chaired the session with Mr. Hubert Bazin - Beijing-based, French lawyer from DS Avocats.

There were three speakers from three different institutions discussing various aspects of the recent developments of Chinese law. The first topic – "Implementation of International Norms as a Learning Process – A Case Study of Fair Trade, Subsidies and Countervailing Duty in China" was introduced by Zhao Yujia from the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC). Zhao Yujia related her speech to the state's exposure to the newly accessed international norms and discussed how the international community can contribute to the process of learning. Her particular reflections were based on WTO rule of subsidies and countervailing duty in the context of China.

The second speaker, Clement Yongxi Chen from the University of Hong Kong, delivered a speech titled "Selective Transparency: (Re)defining the Right of Access to Information by Chinese Courts" and emphasized the role of Chinese courts in regulating transparency.

The last speaker, Larisa Smirnova from Xiamen University and the Russian Academy of Sciences, introduced the audience to the problem of "Fighting Corruption in Chinese Context: Criminal Procedure Guarantees and Conviction Effectiveness". Larisa discussed the special features of investigation and adjudication in high official's corruption cases in China and used the example of Bo Xilai to illustrate her speech.

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After each of the presentations, there was time for the co-chairs' brief comments and the questions from the audience. The whole conference was closed by the remarks of the Head of Politics section of the Delegation of the European Union to China – Mr. Mattias Lentz expressing his hope for the further successful dialogue between China and Europe in various fields.

By Monika Prusinowska

 >  MEIL Master’s Students 2014
After completion of the first year studies on the "Master of Chinese Law", the CESL master’s students from the 2013 intake will now enter the "Master of European and International Law"(MEIL) starting on September 9. This is a cooperative programme between the University of Hamburg (UHH) and China-EU School of Law (CESL) at the China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL). It is part of the double master programme offered by CESL; on successful completion of the MEIL programme, the students will be awarded a master’s (LLM) degree by UHH. The LL.M. programme is registered with the Chinese authorities and fully recognised in China, the EU and worldwide. Studying the MEIL is one of the unique features of CESL as the first and only law school that has been registered as a China-Foreign jointly run school.

We expect the students to send in their signed applications before July 4th 2014 to the CESL Teaching Administration. We do expect that all the master’s students from 2013 intake will now continue with the MEIL and enjoy their time with MEIL.
 >  Lecture on “Foreign Investment - Why in Spain?”
On the afternoon of June 26th, 2014, the CESL students enjoyed the opportunity of attending the lecture, held at Changping campus, on Chinese foreign investment to Europe with the focus on Spain as an investment destination. The speaker – Mr. Juan Alvarez-Ossorio is the alumni of the China-EU School of Law and he attended the program of Chinese Law Taught in English in 2011. After his graduation, Mr. Alvarez–Ossorio came back to Spain and started to work in the family law firm pursuing his idea of making the law firm an important player in the field of China – Spain investment.

That was a very right moment for the lecture centered on Spain and its legal environment, since 20 CESL students will travel very soon to Madrid to participate in the Summer School "Spanish Law, Politics and Economics” organized by the CESL’s partner university – Autonoma University in Madrid.

The lecture was titled “Foreign Investment - why in Spain?” and dealt with various aspects of investment environment pointing to the advantages of Spain over the other EU countries. Mr. Alvarez–Ossorio discussed the types of investment available for Chinese investors, tax policy, as well as visa and residence permit regulations and the Spanish tools to attract the investors from China. The example of Spain was used to illustrate typical problems of foreign investment.

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The presentation was followed by the Q&A session opened by the European Executive Co-dean – Dr. Clemens Richter. The students took the opportunity to learn more on the characteristics of investing in the EU countries and shared their views on approval procedures, investment arbitration and visa policies.

Written by Monika Prusinowska
Chinese Translation by Liu Zheng
Photo by Liu Zheng

 >  CESL Double Master’s students at the Central European University in Hungary for Elective Courses
After staying in Budapest for nearly one month, we are generally familiar with the beautiful scenery and the welcoming people here. Every day we need to spend more than 45 minutes to arrive to the school. This period of time gives us a chance to feel the native people’s lifestyle.

Different from the courses we have had in Beijing, master courses at the Central European University are much more deep-going. Especially the two students, who choose to study “The Theory of Fundamental Rights”, felt a lot of pressure when they found that the first week’s reading materials were long pieces about Kant’s justice theory and Locke’s “Two Treaties of Government”. However, difficult readings give us an opportunity to rethink our learning methods and teach us always to apply thinking. When talking about fundamental rights, Professor Matthias Messmann is mainly concentrated on finding the origins of the rights, so that there are constant discussions relating to philosophy. Because Chinese students are not very familiar with the European philosophers, it is really difficult to understand these theories in a short period of time. But Professor Matthias Messmann has always done his best to explain these theories and encouraged us to discuss more during his classes.

Moreover, Li Shuo participated in a doctor seminar last week which was hosted by Professor Tajti. As the seminar was mainly focused on works written by the Indian scholar Amartya Sen, students communicated a lot about social welfare, democracy and human rights.

We all have the feeling that both teachers and students here are very interested in China. Every week, there are several speeches about China and professors often relate to Chinese legal system and social atmosphere during their teaching. Many students here are looking forward to understanding more about Chinese culture and social issues, especially - Chinese food.

Last Saturday, Professor Messmann and his wife treated us with a big dinner in the best Chinese restaurant in Budapest. We discussed a lot about various social issues in Budapest and Beijing. Professor Messmann and his wife’s kindness has made us feel the warmth of home.

Time flies, we only have 20 days left in Budapest. We hope we can learn more from both the CEU and from the city.

By Qin Mengfan (CESL Double Master's students from 2012 intake)


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