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The activities of CESL will be regularly monitored and evaluated by a board of external advisors (the "Advisory Board") composed of five to seven members elected by the General Assembly of the Consortium for a term of five years among the most internationally distinguished experts in the fields covered by CESL and shall not be representatives of any of the parties heretofore mentioned. A representative of the European Commission may participate in the meetings of the Advisory Board and such representative shall have the same rights as the other members.

From Oct. 12th to 13th, 2009, the 3rd CESL General Assembly Meeting was held in the Wenhua Room of Beijing Novotel Peace Hotel.
It was agreed that three European and three Chinese members should sit on the Advisory Board. All apart from one candidate is resident in China.
The following candidates were agreed upon:
Ambassador Serge Abou (EC Delegation)
Dr. Rolf Cremer (CEIBS)
Prof. Gil Carlos Rodríguez Iglesias (former President of the European Court of Justice)
Mr. XIAO Yang (former President of the Supreme People
's Court of P.R. China)
Mr. JIA Chunwang (former President of the Supreme People's Procurator of P.R. China)
Prof. WANG Jiafu (senior law professor of the China Academy of Social Science)

On the morning of Nov. 18, 2009, an appointment ceremony for the Chinese members of CESL's Advisory Board was held in the VIP room of the Beijing People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. Mr. XIAO Yang, Mr. JIA Chunwang, and Prof. WANG Jiafu, were appointed as Chinese members of CESL's Advisory Board.
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